The following Terms and Conditions relate to all events promoted by Racetime Events Ltd.


From this point forward the following will be referred to as:-

“the Organisers” are the above named Racetime Events Ltd

“the Competitors” are all competitors both prospective and successful

“the Events Office” is Racetime Events Ltd, 4 Lawson Close, Sileby, Leicestershire, LE12 7SR.

“the Withdrawal Date” of an event is one calendar month prior to the date of an event.

“Closing Date” of an event is 7 days prior to the event date.

“the Website” is www.racetime-events.co.uk

“Race Information” is all information about the race provided by the Organisers on the Website



Conditions of Entry

By entering any events run by the Organisers, either by using the online entry system or paper entry, Competitors are agreeing to abide by the following Terms & Conditions as outlined below.

Cashing of Competitors’ cheque or completion of the transaction through the online entry system, confirms the Competitors’ place in the event for which they have applied.


Competitor Withdrawal:

If for any reason the Competitors who have already successfully entered an event find themselves unable to race and wish to withdraw from the event, the Competitors must inform the Organisers in writing.

This must be done initially via e-mail, if possible, to the e-mail address provided on the Website. Competitors should receive a confirmation of their withdrawal within 5 working days. If this confirmation is not received the Competitors should contact the Organisers immediately to verify receipt of their request to withdraw. It is the responsibility of the Competitors to ensure that their request has been received.

Alternatively, if you do not have access to e-mail, postal withdrawals can be made in writing but the Organisers are not responsible for delays or loss of post and suggest that the more secure method of withdrawal is via e-mail and this method should be used when possible.

Postal Withdrawals should be forwarded to the Events Office.


Competitors who do not notify the Organisers, following the above outlined procedure, of their wish to withdraw from an event until after the Withdrawal Date and competitors who do not attend the race/event, will not receive any form of refund/credit.

Competitors who withdraw from an event prior to the Withdrawal Date will receive a refund in line with the policy outlined below.


Refund Policy

Competitors, who inform the Organisers in writing of their wish to withdraw from an event before the Withdrawal Date, will receive a refund to the value of 50% of the original entry fee.  Competitors wishing to withdraw their entry after the Withdrawal Date may be given a 50% refund at the discretion of the Organisers if the event has sold out and the Organisers are able to re-sell the Competitors place.


Transfer of Entry and Deferral

Competitors may transfer their entry to another individual for the same race at a cost of £5. Transferal to another event is not permitted under any circumstance. The transfer process must be carried out online using the correct procedure via our entry system. Competitors must retain all confirmation emails. If the correct procedure isn’t followed and therefore the refund isn’t automatically processed by our entry system providers, then The Organisers are not required to refund the original competitor. Please see the FAQ section on our website for details of how to transfer your entry.


Completion of Entry Form

Where using the paper based entry system, it is essential for Competitors to complete the entry form legibly and in full.  It is the Competitor’s responsibility to ensure that all information entered, either via the online entry system or paper entry, is correct. If any Competitor information is incorrect on the Website it is the responsibility of the Competitor to inform the Organiser of the correct information.


Whilst the Organisers will try to solve any problems that arise through incorrectly completed entry forms, if any section of the entry form cannot be understood or read, then the Competitor may not secure a confirmed place in the event and could lose their right to a prize.


Race Information

All necessary Race Information relating to events is published on the Website.  All information provided is provisional unless stated otherwise.

Please note that details of individual events as published on race entry forms and provisional Race Information is subject to change without notification. Updated details of any alterations to the Race Information initially issued, will be made available on the Website as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of Competitors to ensure they have accessed the relevant information relating to their event.


Registration at the event

Details of event registration times relating to specific events will be posted on the Website. All Competitors are required to attend registration within the times specified. Competitors who do not attend registration within these times will not be allowed to race and will forfeit their place in that event and will not be entitled to a refund. It is the responsibility of Competitors to ensure they have accessed the relevant information relating to registration at their event.



The Organisers retain the right to use images and photographs taken by their contracted photographers and employees at the event without informing Competitors or giving recompense to Competitors. These images can be used for promotional purposes as undertaken by the Organisers and their partners, which will cover a range of possible uses including (but not exclusively) advertising press and media, printed information items, editorial coverage and any other promotion directly related to the Organisers or their sponsors.



Prizes at each event will be awarded as outlined in the Race Information for that event, available on the Website. Competitors who are awarded a prize are required to attend a prize giving in order to receive their prize. If prizewinners are not in attendance at the prize giving they forgo their right to the prize and the prize will not be awarded. When prizes are in the form of vouchers these may be posted to the Competitors if they do not attend the prize giving.




Event Changes

The Organisers have the right to change any event for the reason of safety or under the instruction of a British Triathlon referee, without prior notice.


Event Cancellation

If the event is cancelled or postponed for reasons beyond the control of the Organisers due to unforeseen, naturally occurring events that were unavoidable, including an ‘act of God’, the Organisers will issue a full Credit Note to the value of the original entry fee or transfer the Competitors entry to another event where requested, to all Competitors with a confirmed entry.  If an event is cancelled by the Organisers for others reasons, the Organisers will offer a full refund to all Competitors with a confirmed entry.

Right of refusal for entry

The Organisers retain the right to refuse or revoke entry to any Competitor or disqualify them from the event, where they believe that accepting the entry or allowing them to remain in the race could prejudice the event, the promotion of the event, organisation of the event, their sponsors, associates or staff. This right of refusal extends to include applications where acceptance is considered by the Organisers to be likely to infringe upon the enjoyment of any persons connected with the event, including staff, marshals, volunteers, supporters & other competitors.

Competitors who are abusive or act in an unacceptable manner, according to the Organisers, to any persons connected with the event, including staff, marshals, volunteers, supporters & other competitors, will be disqualified from the event and no refund will be given. They will also be banned from all future events run by The Organisers.